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Changing the world, one birth at a time…

I believe every birth is different and special. I believe that God made a woman’s body capable of giving birth naturally, with few exceptions. I believe that the fewer interventions a woman has, the better the outcomes are for the mother and child in the long run. Birth and the pain that accompanies it are an empowering experience and not one to be afraid of.

Birth is a sacred event in a woman’s life. A mother deserves to be honored and supported as she undertakes this most challenging and miraculous transformation.

I went to Texas Woman’s University where I received my Bachelors in Deaf Education and a Master of Arts in Teaching. After teaching fourth grade math for two years, I found out I was pregnant. I stopped teaching at that time. I had such an amazing birth that I decided to change my career path to help others have amazing births too!

Since becoming a doula I have been able to expand the ways I support mothers in their pregnancy and birth by becoming a certified yoga teacher. I personally benefited before, during, and after my birth from yoga. I also offer photography services to capture the precious moments during the birth or newborn sessions.

I want to help you have the birth you have always wanted.

God Bless,